Membership Category

Regular Member, Associate Member, Corporate Member


1. Regular member shall be any individual who are engaged in education, industrial organization, institution, or business in clothing and textiles related fields.
2. Associate member shall be a college student majoring in clothing and related field.
3. Corporate member shall be any industrial organization, institution, or business which are engaged in clothing and textiles related fields.


All members have the rights and obligations set forth in the Bylaws of the Society by paying their dues as determined by the council. Any person who has not paid the membership fee (based on the fiscal year end date) will lose membership until the delinquent is paid.

Registration Process

Download the application form in the menu tab. After filling in the form with appropriate information, send the form to and pay the amount required for registration through the links below. When the registration is successfully done, the notification mail will be sent. Before you e-mail the form and pay the due, you should read "Terms of Registration" first.

Membership Payment

1. New Regular -Professional: $60

2. Regular-Professional Renewal: $50

3. New Regular-Graduate: $40

4. Regular-Graduate Renewal: $30

5. Associate Member(Undergraudate): $10

6. Corporate Member : $100

7. Life-member: $200 (only for those who are older than 45 years)

※ Fiscal Year: Jan. 1 – Dec. 31